Ferveurs dans les gradins

Ferveurs dans les gradins

Rugb’Images 2020

One of the finalists chosen to take part in ‘Cadrages d’Occitanie‘  rugby photography competition.

Rugby Social Distancing  – Before Covid

Local Rugby Photography, France

Rugb’Images 2019 

One of the 40 finalists chosen to take part in  « LES YEUX DU STADE » rugby photography competition, which will run from the 13/03 – 14/04

Espace Reynès rue Timbal, Albi (near Toulouse), France

This is the 5th edition of their international competition. I hope to see you there!

Rugby Photography

RRCN Rugby Club

2018, 2019 Designed and created my local rugby team’s first calendars, RRCN

Covers inspired by each season’s new rugby shirts.

Graphic Design & Photography

I also created a logo for one of our sponsors; Patisserie Vanille; 

He makes the best ‘craquelin’ in Vence!

AdDressing Refugees

MA in Sustainable Design; final dissertation 2018

The Sustainable Design School

For each cover I recycled textile samples from an interior designer. Each textile tells its own story, like refugees. Each cover is hand-sewn. Limited edition of 18 copies.

Textiles. Refugees. Sustainable Design. Climate Change. 

Anthropology, analysis, photography, textiles, research, interviews, travel

I was awarded the ‘Best Dissertation Prize

A public version is not yet available out of respect for those featured, however an online summary is available here.


Following on from my final MA project, a few of us from our graduation class were very kindly invited to participate in Marie Claire‘s first live magazine in Nice 2018, and to present our projects.

Equipe Outremer, le dojo, Nice

Photography –  Cambodia

2016 My first solo photography exposition, Nice

After two weeks travelling in Cambodia, upon my return, I contacted a few restaurants to try to organize an  Art Exhibition; but to my surprise and pleasure I was instead invited to do my first photography exhibition instead.

Travel Photography – Cambodia 

Restaurant Maizon, Nice


2011 Some of my illustrations for ‘Passport Magazine RU’ where then used by Aeroflot for their children’s in-flight books.

Children – Illustration 


I illustrated regularly for Passport Magazine Russia throughout 2011

I participated in 10 issues, and 2 front covers. Predominantly at short notice and for the Family Pages

Featured: Clarice –  Clarice and the Tea Leaf (the stories and poems can be found via their archives).

Contemporary Art Exposition

Centre d’Affaires de l’Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur,

2011 Nice airport, France

After previous art exhibitions in Antibes, I was contacted and invited to apply to take part in their exhibitions at the airport.

Contemporary Art – Water

Children's book; The Explorers meet Mr.Moley

The Adventures of Huggyman and Wiggly Worm

By Poppa Bill

I was contacted to illustrate a children’s book, 2011

There are several cultural references to the north of England hidden in the pictures, how many can you see?